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Power up your investments with DEGIRO

Uncategorized Nov 02, 2021

In 2013 DEGIRO launched its online brokerage services in the Netherlands. Since then, DEGIRO has expanded across 18 European countries. As a result, DEGIRO has quickly become one of the largest brokers in Europe. More than 65 international awards name DEGIRO as the best and the cheapest way for investors to invest online.  

So why would you choose DEGIRO as your online broker? Let's discuss.

First of all, one of their main advantages are their low costs. When you're investing, you want to minimize the costs so you can keep your returns high. That's what you can achieve with DEGIRO. They also have commission free ETFs, meaning you don't pay any transaction costs under certain conditions. You can find the list of the free ETFs, including more information, over here (conditions applicable).

Secondly, DEGIRO wants to empower investors so that they have full control over their finances. This is done through powerful and comprehensive software, transparency, and most importantly, education. On this website you can find all the resources you need to get started with investing.

And lastly, DEGIRO is trustworthy. Safety is one of their main priorities. The assets are being held separately, they use protected in-house software and DEGIRO protects the data and privacy of their customers. 

Personally, I've been investing with DEGIRO for almost 2 years now and it's still the place where I have the large majority of my stocks. 

Are you also interested in choosing DEGIRO as your online broker? Then you can create an account via this link if you live in The Netherlands or this link if you live in another country in the EU. Just to let you know: I do receive an affiliate commission if you create an account via the link!

If you have any questions about DEGIRO, you can always send me an email at [email protected]


Good luck!

- Wiebe


PS: keep in mind, investing involves risk of loss!


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