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What is your number one priority today?

business mission Aug 21, 2021

Hey! How are you doing? Question: what is your number one priority today? And what is your top priority for next week? And for next month? Next year?

Last week I bought this letter board. It’s basically a board where you can put ... well, letters on a board. I’m using it as a ‘priorities board’. I put words on it that remind me of things I find important and that I want to focus on for the next couple of days or even weeks. My top three priorities right now are: priorities, document, Parkinson’s Law. Let me explain.

First up: priorities. So yeah, the first priority on my priorities board is actually... priorities. I’m trying to figure out what my priorities are and what I should spend my time on first. I’m currently in a position where I’ve got a lottt of options. I can accept translations, I can do English YouTube videos, I can do Dutch YouTube videos, I can work on my programs, I can work on my webinar, I can work on a marketing strategy, I can go see my girlfriend, I can meet friends, I can Netflix and chill, and so much more. Problem is, I’ve only got 24 hours in a day and I can’t do it all. So what are my priorities right now?

I’m going on holidays from August 26 until September 6. Until August 25 my energy is focused on preparing my marketing strategy for launching my program about investing for beginners in Dutch. I’m planning to launch it on September 15 (fun fact: on September 15 last year I posted my very first YouTube video!). So my time is now spent on creating a webinar, a ‘funnel’, writing e-mails that will be sent to registrants and creating ads. I’m spending less time meeting friends, making YouTube videos, doing translations and watching Netflix.

Next: document. The full concept here is: ‘document, not create’. It’s a concept from Gary Vaynerchuk. You might know him. It basically means: document your entire journey, film everything, share your thoughts and make a shitload of creative content out of it. Instagram pictures, YouTube videos, Tweets, you name it. Gary Vee would tell me to create 64 pieces of content in a day. You could contrast this with ‘creating’, preparing one single YouTube video for 10 hours and posting that, hoping someone will see it.

I want to share my entire journey. Be as transparent as I can be. Bring everyone along for the ride. Show how awesome it can be. Or how difficult it can be at some times. Right now my business is a one-man job, so often I don’t have the time to document my entire journey because I’m focused on the priorities I’ve described above. But I do want to try and document more. And once I generate more revenue, one of the first hires would be someone who can help my document my journey.

And lastly: Parkinson’s Law. This ‘law’ basically states that the more time you have for a task, the longer it’ll take you to do the task. And vice versa, if you allocate less time to a task, you’re likely going to perform the task more quickly. I’m trying to apply Parkinson’s Law in my daily life too. Take YouTube videos. I can easily spend 3-5 hours preparing a YouTube video. And if I start preparing it a day before I actually post it, I very likely will spend that amount of time. But in the past week I’ve tried to prepare and create the videos a few hours before posting them. This way I allow myself less time, which means I’ll work faster, which means I’ll have more additional time, which I can spend on other tasks.

So yeah, those are my three priorities right now. Back to the questions I started with: what are your priorities? What is your number one priority today? And what is your top priority for next week? And for next month? Next year?

If you’d like to see me documenting my journey, check me out on Instagram and Twitter. If you’re wondering why I’m doing what I’m doing, check out my mission and my roadmap to achieve that mission.


Hope you’re having a great weekend. Take care!

- Wiebe


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