To teach people how to manage their money so they can lead financially healthier lives.

Money matters.


The mission

Did school teach you how to manage your money? Did they show you how to start investing? Did you learn how to analyze companies? In my case, none of that happened. And I’m afraid you would say the same. That needs to change.

School teaches us many things. But if I would ask you how much of all that knowledge has actually been useful in your daily life, what would you answer? 50%? 30%? Just 10%?

It’s incredible that we learn so many useless things at school, but somehow they fail to teach us anything about money. Everyone should be able to manage their money. From tracking your income and expenses to saving money. From doing your taxes to investing.

Do you feel the same way? Do you believe something needs to change? And do you want to be part of that change? Below you can find a few easy ways to support our mission. Also make sure to check out the roadmap and the questions below :D

Money matters.

The roadmap

The questions