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What I Learned From My Week Off

Uncategorized Jun 06, 2021

I went away for a week to think about everything I’m doing now and the things I’m planning to do. Before that week I was just pushing out videos but not spending almost any time on actual growth and strategies. Here are some of the most important things I thought about.

More time to think: instead of pushing out videos, I want to have more time to think. I’ll go back from 7 regular videos per week to 5 videos. And I’ll do 1 livestream per month instead of 1 per week. That should free up some time to think about growing my channel and achieving my longer-term goals.

Mission: I will create a mission statement on my website. I think most people don’t really know why I do what I do. I want everyone to know what my longer-term goals are: making sure everyone knows how to manage their money and how to invest. The videos I make on YouTube now are just a stepping stone.

Revenue: I’ll focus more on generating revenue from course sales and Discord. The goal...

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When in doubt, zoom out

crypto stock May 16, 2021

I often receive comments on my YouTube videos that go something like this: “Hey Nesami! I’m a long-term investor and I want to HODL X stock, so I bought some shares a few weeks ago, but now X stock is down 20%! What should I do?” While I definitely understand that it can be painful to see your portfolio going down a lot in just a few weeks or months, questions like this one sometimes are confusing.

If you’re a long-term investor, you do exactly that: you invest for the long term. But for some reason, people worry about short-term movements. It seems like they are result-oriented. This is something that beginning poker players also feel quite often. When they play a hand in a certain way and then lose the hand, they think it was a bad play. When they win the hand, they think it was a good play. Investors think investments were a mistake when their stock goes down the day after, or that it was the best decision of their life when it goes up 10% the day after.


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From swiping right on Tinder to swiping up on Robinhood

Uncategorized May 10, 2021

Hello! Hope you had a great weekend!

I was doing my regular work-out today and started to think about ‘the grind’. I like the grind. I like the process. I like working towards a goal. Sure, reaching the goal is nice too, but the path towards the goal often is even more exciting. Many people don’t like the grind. They want to see results now. They are impatient.

Take work-outs for example. Everyone wants the beach body, but almost no one wants to hit the gym 3 times a week for 6 months to eventually get there. Many people just want to eat garbage food, then take the car to the beach, step on the sand and magically lose 50 pounds. They don’t really want to sweat and be tired after a high-intensity interval training. Well, I do. Maybe that’s because I don’t really care about the actual result all that much. I just love the grind.

Poker. I have played quite a lot of poker in my life. I wasn’t a professional or anything like that. I liked the...

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I want to take away all the risk..

Uncategorized Apr 30, 2021

Hi there! Happy Friday!

Yesterday I was telling you that I believe technical analysis is for everyone. You don’t need any special skills to be able to make objective decisions.

But I would totally understand it if you still feel a little bit skeptical. I just want to help you on your investing journey. I made many mistakes when I just started out. So I want to teach you the things that I would’ve wanted to learn 1 year ago.

Tomorrow I’m launching a program about technical analysis for beginners. In this program I will teach you the most powerful indicators and strategies in just a few hours. I will make sure you don’t have to spend hundreds of hours searching for the right information.

But I want to take away all the risk. I am only satisfied if you are satisfied. So: you can get the program and watch all the videos. If you’re not satisfied within 30 days, I’ll give you your money back. As easy as that. I’m 100% sure it’s worth the...

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I’m sure you can get this feeling too!

Uncategorized Apr 29, 2021

Hey! Can you smell the weekend already?

Yesterday I told you how technical analysis has transformed my way of investing. I don’t buy or sell based on emotions anymore. And that’s a good feeling.

I’m sure you can get that feeling too. Because I believe technical analysis is for everyone. Yes, I’ve spent hundreds of hours studying technical analysis. But in my opinion, there are just a few indicators and strategies that are the most powerful.

These indicators are often the most basic ones. I’m sure that everyone can learn how to use these. But I’m also sure that more than 90% of the investors don’t know them yet.

Do you know that 100 is more than 0? Do you know the difference between up and down? Do you know how to draw a horizontal line? Cool, congratulations! You know how to do technical analysis :D

Are you still a tiny bit skeptical? I can understand that. Tomorrow I’ll remove that barrier for you.


Enjoy your Thursday!

- Wiebe

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Honestly, it’s a pretty good feeling..

Uncategorized Apr 28, 2021

Hi there! Happy Wednesday!

Yesterday I was telling you how I discovered technical analysis. And yes, I was skeptical at first. But I loved seeing how people were able to ignore emotions and make objective decisions instead.

And that’s what I’m doing now too. Instead of buying because I feel the fear of missing out, I make decisions based on facts. Of course technical analysis isn’t the only thing I use, but it has definitely become one of my most important tools that I use every single day.

I’m now able to plan exactly when I want to buy more or take profit. I can make a plan and then simply execute it. I don’t make last-minute decisions anymore based on emotions and then wonder if I did the right thing. Honestly, it’s a pretty good feeling.

I often get comments from people asking: should I buy/sell this stock now? At those moments I just wish I could transfer my knowledge about technical analysis into their brains.

The good thing is: technical...

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I was quite skeptical at first..

Uncategorized Apr 27, 2021

Hey! How are you doing today?

Yesterday I shared my story with you. I told you that a year ago I was just getting started. And that I made many mistakes too, mainly because I bought stocks based on emotions.

Then I discovered something called technical analysis. I was honestly quite skeptical at first and I would understand perfectly if you feel a little bit like that too. Popular YouTubers were looking at weird lines and things they called ‘candlesticks’.

But I was intrigued at the same time. The more videos I watched, the more it seemed like they did actually have an advantage over other people. They were able to make decisions based on objective indicators. They had eliminated their emotions from their trading and investing.

And so I decided to dive into the world of technical analysis. I watched literally hundreds of hours of videos on YouTube. I took a few courses on my own. And I applied the knowledge to my investing and swing trading strategy.

Tomorrow I’ll...

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I wish I knew this a year ago..

Uncategorized Apr 26, 2021

Hey there! Hope you’re having a great start of your week!

A few weeks ago I posted a poll on my YouTube Community tab. I asked how experienced my viewers were as investors. The answer surprised me. Most people said they started recently and knew a thing or two. Here I was, thinking that my viewers were regular investors doing lots of research.

I know how it feels. I was a beginner about a year ago too. I started investing in crypto in October 2019. And I started investing in stocks in January 2020. So yes, about one year ago, I also ‘started recently’ and I also ‘knew a thing or two’.

But I also made lots of mistakes. I was very short-term oriented and thought I was a great day trader. Looking back at those trades, I most definitely was not. I traded based on emotions and the fear of missing out. I would see some random biotechnology stock go up 50% and I’d join the hype. Sometimes I would get lucky and win some money. But more often than not, I...

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The secret side job of Elon Musk, earnings calls and technical analysis

Hi y’all! (I’m trying to copy Matthew McConaughey’s accent; it’s pretty funny)

Alright, alright, alright. Big week coming up for me and also for the stock market. We’ve got quite some important earnings calls this week from the big tech companies. Companies like Amazon, Google, Facebook and Tesla. Very random side note: did you know that Elon Musk is going to host Saturday Night Live on May 8th? That’s going to be fun to watch.

I’m especially looking forward to Tesla’s earnings call. As always I’ll be collecting my notes and sharing them with the Discord premium members. But it’ll be interesting to see if Tesla is really crushing it right now. The results of the earnings calls will likely be important for the stock market, or at least the tech part of it.

I’m also looking forward to seeing how the ChargePoint is going to play out in the shorter term. I recently created a video about the technical analysis side of...

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Crypto Crashing: What To Expect Now?

Hello there!

I woke up to a pretty nasty crash in cryptocurrency land. Apparently the US Treasury was going to charge several financial institutions because they were laundering money using cryptocurrencies. Maybe not the best news. Bitcoin dropped a solid 15% in no time and altcoins were no exception. Personally I think it’s not an issue just yet.

The news hasn’t even been confirmed yet, and even if some institutions did get charged with money laundering, we don’t know what company and we don’t know how much money has been laundered. According to this article only 0.34% of all cryptocurrency was used for criminal activities in 2020, down from 2.1% in 2019. According to the United Nations, about 2% to 5% of the global GDP is connected with money laundering and illicit activity. So yeah.

I do think we will see more regulation in the crypto world though. Gary Gensler has been confirmed as the Chairman of the SEC and I believe he will lead the way. I know...

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