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What is your number one priority today?

business mission Aug 21, 2021

Hey! How are you doing? Question: what is your number one priority today? And what is your top priority for next week? And for next month? Next year?

Last week I bought this letter board. It’s basically a board where you can put ... well, letters on a board. I’m using it as a ‘priorities board’. I put words on it that remind me of things I find important and that I want to focus on for the next couple of days or even weeks. My top three priorities right now are: priorities, document, Parkinson’s Law. Let me explain.

First up: priorities. So yeah, the first priority on my priorities board is actually... priorities. I’m trying to figure out what my priorities are and what I should spend my time on first. I’m currently in a position where I’ve got a lottt of options. I can accept translations, I can do English YouTube videos, I can do Dutch YouTube videos, I can work on my programs, I can work on my webinar, I can work on a marketing...

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